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The Client

Star Kebab is the most popular fast-food restaurant chain in the Republic of Moldova, with 13 establishments open in Chisinau, Balti, and Ungheni, one in Bucharest and a food delivery system. In 2011, Star Kebab was the first brand to enter this segment in our country.

The quality of the dishes, the unique concept, the helpful staff, and the loyalty programs have organically built the reputation of a brand that genuinely understands its guests.

The Brief

We had the pleasure of working with Star Kebab right before their first opening in Chișinău. At the time, our clients required a performant IT infrastructure for the restaurant and corporate offices, in order to operate and communicate efficiently.

Our approach

Before the official launch of Star Kebab, we installed all the devices (computers, peripherals) and the internet and Wi-Fi network in the restaurant. Consequently, our team was responsible for designing and fitting the IT infrastructure for each of the newly opened restaurants in Moldova and the one in Romania.

Hundreds of people order Star Kebab’s dishes at home or the office every day. Hence, a fast delivery system is indispensable and central in the company’s business structure. Our team helped to set up the Star Kebab call center. We installed VoIP, the computers, and the audio equipment that salespeople use to take orders, and we connected the call center to the restaurants.

Currently, Comoda provides the company’s IT management. We are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment in the restaurants, the internal internet network (between restaurants and the central office), and the Wi-Fi network for guests, intervening whenever needed with support and advice.

Besides, we are accountable for the security of document flows and data collected from customers. We have designed a security policy, and we secured internet traffic via VPN connections. We configured a data storage system with premium equipment from Synology.


Our work with Star Kebab reflects in guests’ satisfaction, whenever they quickly manage to place an order in the call center, or they visit the restaurant and have a good time, enjoying good music and free Wi-Fi. Simultaneously, the technology we delivered assists their team in performing their tasks and communicating faster and in a pleasant manner.

Over the nine years of partnership, we have come to know the particular needs of such a lively Horeca business intimately. We are committed to and always finding the IT solutions that meet its personality and ambitions.

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