At Comoda, we recognize the critical role that IT infrastructure plays in a company's growth and data security. Our IT Audit service is committed to providing you with insights into your current IT system's status, pinpointing vulnerabilities that may impact performance or security.

During the audit process, we comprehensively evaluate your company's entire IT infrastructure, encompassing hardware, software, networks, and security measures. Apply for a free IT infrastructure assessment >>>


IT infrastructure audit

The audit process includes:

1. Current situation assessment

We evaluate the condition of computers, servers, and networks, offering a transparent view of your available resources.

2. Vulnerability identification

Our goal is to pinpoint vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your IT infrastructure. The audit is designed to uncover these security threats and establish their priority levels.

3. Enhancing productivity

Our audit aims to streamline your IT processes, ultimately resulting in enhanced productivity for your team and improved customer satisfaction.

4. Recommendation presentation

We will furnish you with precise recommendations to address the identified issues and enhance the security and efficiency of your IT system.

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We conduct evaluations and formulate recommendations.

To benefit from our complimentary IT audit, simply get in touch with us. Don't leave the security and performance of your IT infrastructure to chance.

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1. Filling out the form

You can either complete the provided form or reach out to us via phone to request your free IT Audit.

2. Infrastructure assessment

Our specialists will perform a full audit of the IT infrastructure, documenting all findings.

3. Referrals and guidance

We deliver our findings and offer tailored recommendations to enhance your company's IT infrastructure.

4. Solution implementation

Our team can assume the responsibility for implementing the required changes to bolster the security and efficiency of your infrastructure.