We use Acronis technology to protect your data.

Eliminate the hassle of manual backups and storing data on physical media. Transition to a contemporary, time-saving solution that guarantees the integrity of your data. Our daily backup system ensures automatic duplication of all crucial business data, even on weekends.

Rest easy knowing your data is stored in a secure and protected environment. We leverage Cloud technology to deliver a dependable and cost-effective storage solution, prioritizing your privacy and ensuring robust data security.

The world's best backup and recovery.

Acronis protects the data, applications, systems and productivity of every organization - protecting them against cyber-attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters and human error.

Acronis Cyber Protection solutions cover all five vectors of cyber protection - safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and security (SAPAS).

Acronis Data Centers are Cyber Security and Data Protection (GDPR) certified.

Acronis servers have a TIER3 infrastructure operation and data processing standard.


Your accounting data is safe!

Comoda is here to provide you with a simple and efficient solution to protect your valuable information: automated backup of 1C databases.