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The amount of data we use in our day to day activity is greater than ever. Databases with personal customer data, internal files, official records, photos, and sensitive information. This essential and often unseen part of your work needs the kind of protection that goes beyond physical archives and internal hard-disks.

Together we think ahead about the fate of all of your essential documents in your company, and we offer you modern and adaptable data storage services. Safety and adherence to international laws regarding data protection are top priorities for us.

We have vast experience, gained over dozens of data storage and data backup projects for companies of various sizes, so we know how to adapt to your particular needs.

  • We keep track of the processes in your company and the quantity of data used for daily work.
  • We analyze the risks and the storage necessities and advise you what to expect in terms of infrastructure.
  • We design the data storage solution, and we outline a scalable plan.
  • We implement the storage solution of your choice: NAS (Network-attached Storage), on-premises datacenter, dedicated server setup and administration, colocation, cloud storage.
  • We set up a back-up information and data loss prevention (DLP) system that gives you peace of mind in unforeseen events.
  • We make a backup copy for each file.
  • We train your colleagues to access the data they need autonomously and safely.

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