Don’t hire an IT specialist to will take care of the proper functioning of the office technique, just call us! We are a team of 12 specialists, experienced in different IT fields. We offer on-demand IT services and support (when a specific problem occurs) or on a monthly basis (we help you whenever needed during the month).

On-Demand IT Support

When an IT problem occurs, you contact us. We come to your office within 1 hour (within the Chisinau city boundaries), depending on how critical the problem is. You can also receive remote IT support by phone, Teamviewer or Skype - within 5 - 60 minutes.

IT Support Monthly Subscription

A contract is signed, based on the number of computers that require maintenance. The price includes:

  • IT support whenever, and as many times as necessary;
  • Unlimited calls for help;
  • Access to 12 specialists with experience from different IT domains;
  • Antivirus;
  • Synology backup service with renewal within the time of the IT service contract
  • Problems that occur are solved remotely (Skype, Teamviewer or on the phone within 5-60 minutes) and on-site (we travel anywhere within Chisinau within an hour, depending on how critical the situation is).

Services Included in IT Support:

  • Initial Audit - Identify all problems at the start;
  • Local and remote IT service;
  • Installing the monitoring software - tracking the state of the computers remotely;
  • Synology equipment - for storage;
  • Antivirus;
  • Moving the office - relocating all IT systems, uninstalling and assembling servers at the new location;
  • Delivery and connection of the necessary adjacent products with additional tariff (CRM, VOIP telephony, Hotspot etc.);
  • Repair of damaged equipment with additional charge.

Our services also include, by request, an IT Audit twice a year for evaluating the status of information systems from the office and making the use of equipment more efficient.

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