Vatra Neamului

Vatra Neamului


The museum –restaurant “Vatra Neamului” will help you escape from the 21st century, into Moldova of the past, you will enjoy royal foods and beverages in an ambiance in which history combines with elegance. You have the possibility to sit at an old table, full of memories, characteristic to the ancient age. The design of the restaurant rooms bears the marks of time, and the stylish furniture of the respective age creates an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

The goal of initiating this project:

  • increase of the number of visitors on the restaurant official webpage;
  • making loyal customers via promotions and contests launched periodically on the website;
  • possibility for the waiters to use mobile terminals with WiFi connection for receiving orders.


Works performed within the project from the Restaurant “Vatra Neamului”

  • Cable drawing and ensuring equipment connection to the local network;
  • Installing and setting up Mikrotik equipment;
  • Configuration of the WiFi network for guests with redirection at connection to the ;
  • Configuration of the WiFi network for waiters, network used for work with mobile terminals, used for receiving orders.

Used equipment:

Router WiFi Mikrotik 951Ui-2Hdn ?

Router WiFi Mikrotik BaseBox2 ?

Project completion time: 10 days

The result confirmed the expectations. We wish success to our partners in the future!