VoIP Telephony

VoIP Telephony


Installation of VoIP telephonyVoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP telephony represents “Call via the Internet” (as opposed to the service of traditional landline or mobile GSM / 3G, 4G network).

At this moment, the main goal of IP-telephony is cheaper or free calls on a great distance and international phone calls. In order to make this calls you need to use the services of an IP-telephony provider and thus you will be able to make calls from the computer, IP phone or regular phone.

Nevertheless, the main benefit of VoIP for business is the opportunity to build a more effective communication system in enterprises, with a variety of voice services included.

Installation of VoIP telephony for IPN IPN

Goal and result of the project: Recording phone conversations with the interviewed persons, the recordings being subsequently used for analysis. The operator has the possibility to call the desired person directly from the computer, using only earphones and the program for phone calls (Zoiper). After making the calls, the operator has the possibility to download the recording in “wav” or mp3 format for further analysis.

telefonie voip


  • minimum costs
  • easy management of incoming and outgoing calls
  • recording conversations
  • convenience in work

Used equipment:
Used software:
Elastix VoIP Server, Software for virtualization Virtual Box, Windows 7

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