Cafe de Italia

Cafe de Italia

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Cafe de Italia

An ambitious project, we got great satisfaction from.

Café de Italia fully deserves one of the first positions of the most visited cafes from Chisinau. How could it be different? The spacious terrace, surrounded by greenery and the comfortable furniture invites to relax in a quiet and very pleasant atmosphere. The mobile roof allows visitors not to feel in a closed and uncomfortable space. A specific detail in the quiet and maintained interior is a large aquarium with quite rare “inhabitants” for our region.

trip advisor - cafe de italia

Performed works:

Installation of the Wi-Fi network for redirecting visitors to the Trip Advisor page of the restaurant Cafe de Italia.


The goal of this project was to increase the number of visitors, both from Chisinau and from abroad, increasing notoriety of the restaurant on the specialized website, and creating the possibility to leave feedback for the restaurant.

Used equipment: Router WiFi Mikrotik 951Ui . See more details here  ?

Project completion time: 2 days

The results satisfied the expectations of the customer, and ours too. We wish a lot of success to our partners in the future!