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A new project, a new challenge, a new success.

Being in a continuous search for convenient, performing and advantageous solutions, the company Comoda comes to offer to the business segment from the Republic of Moldova services of creating and installing networks for electronic voice communication. This represents an effective alternative to the services of traditional landline telephony, which uses internet for making phone calls. The telephony service via electronic communication networks is the perfect solution for all business partners who wish an improvement in the quality of delivered services.

Goal ?

Making phone calls directly from the computer to the visitors of the website, receiving orders via phone, communication and exchange of information between colleagues and senders, recording phone conversations in order to analyze the relationships with clients and improving customer service.


The possibility of operators to make and receive phone calls from the computer, the company registering a significant increase in work quality. When receiving calls, via automatic registration of the customer number, the operator has the possibility to contact him later without any difficulty. Another benefit brought by the installation of VoIP is the facilitation of the process of completing the database.

And calling colleagues and senders directly from the phone console has become more convenient and faster than ever. All conversations are being recorded, so the operator can verify the client’s order via a click on the phone conversation with him/her.

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