Intrusion into the information system of the company may cause today more damage than theft from a storehouse. Commercial secrets, accounting information, customer databases may be lost provoking economic, functional and image problems, which sometimes are irreparable. A correct setting of the data security system means access to information only for authorized persons, saving valuable data in a backup copy and excluding the risks of network breaking by hackers.

At Comoda we put at your disposal complete information security systems for effective protection of any type of data:

  • System limiting access to information for users,
  • Personalized access system for employees,
  • Authentication and authorization systems,
  • Cryptographic information securing systems,
  • Control systems for email and web traffic,
  • Backup systems – creating backup copies,
  • Antivirus systems,
  • Monitoring and intrusion detecting/prevention systems,
  • Firewall systems,

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